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Our Story

"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own "to do list."
 Michelle Obama


I’ve always had a drive to create, whether it be art, food, or even written works. When I discovered candles it brought me so much excitement to learn something new and explore different fragrances and waxes. I loved how certain smells connect in my head with certain situations, memories and more. I knew I had to do more with my desire for candles and it brings me much pleasure and an undeniable feeling to create something for my community. 

Coop To Candle LLC was founded on the principles of curating custom scented and designed products for customers who genuinely appreciate candles and the ambience they provide. I offer quality and affordably priced candles and home essentials that are great for personal and shared spaces. I truly hope you enjoy my candles and the pleasant experiences they offer you with each lighting. 

- Kia 'Coop' Cooper, CEO